About the Centre

The Centre for Astronomical Heritage (CfAH) is a non-profit company registered in South Africa (NPC 2016/295672/08).

Our mission is to record, preserve, and disseminate information about, South Africa’s tangible and intangible astronomical heritage.

The Centre is active in education and training, outreach, research, heritage conservation and digital archiving.

Our objectives are:

  1. to be aware of, and respond to, opportunities and threats to South Africa’s astronomical heritage;
  2. to curate a digital repository of information which will serve as a virtual museum, research portal, and heritage conservation resource;
  3. to provide advice & training about matters relating to astronomical heritage;
  4. to promote education about, and raise public awareness of, South Africa’s astronomical heritage;
  5. to conduct original research into South Africa’s astronomical heritage;
  6. to support the restoration and curation of immovable & movable tangible astronomical heritage;
  7. to document astronomical aspects of cultural heritage & indigenous knowledge systems;
  8. to document astronomical aspects of immovable & movable tangible astronomical heritage;
  9. to act as a conservation body by assisting with site declaration and object registration; and
  10. to liaise with relevant national and international organizations.

Meet the Centre’s directors and collaborators.

Protecting South Africa’s astronomical heritage