Objective: Conduct original research into South Africa’s astronomical heritage.

Objective: Document astronomical aspects of cultural heritage & indigenous knowledge systems.

Objective: Document astronomical aspects of immovable & movable tangible astronomical heritage.

Conducting original research, and communicating the results, is a key objective of the Centre.

Current projects

The following research projects are presently (2016-2017) being pursued:

  1. Register of Astronomers (Project leader: Chris de Coning)
  2. Register of Private Observatories (Project leader: Edward Foster)
  3. Oral History at the Royal Observatory (Project leader: Auke Slotegraaf)
  4. Biography Project (Project leader: Chris de Coning)
  5. Temporal Data Display (Project leader: Auke Slotegraaf)
  6. Collaborative Database (Project leader: Auke Slotegraaf)
  7. THP Environmental Monitoring (Project leader: Hans van der Merwe)
  8. SAAO Site Investigations (Project leader: Auke Slotegraaf)

Proposed projects

The following research projects have been proposed; funding and other resources are being pursued:

  1. Starlight ZA: Saving the night sky by monitoring artificial light at night. [ALAN001ZAF17S]
  2. Boyden Observatory: Collection management and oral history recording. [BOYD002MAN17S]
  3. The Republic Observatory plate collection. [REPB001JHB___]
  4. The ESO Site Testing archive. [ESO.001WC.___]
  5. South Africa and the Rings of Uranus. [SAAO005CPT___]
  6. StellarVoices @SAAO: Oral histories of South Africa’s astronomy practitioners. [SAAO008CPT17S]
  7. Supporting Ongoing Archiving at the South African Astronomical Observatory [SAAO009CPT17S]

Collaborators and project partners are warmly invited to contact the Centre if they are interested in working together on these projects.